Below you will find some of the main editorial illustrations I did between 2015 and 2016, which range from assets to full on infographics, for several clients such as Editora Abril, Globo and Mol. Click to see it bigger.

Satan in five different forms in the bible, for "Mundo Estranho" magazine.

Bible Wars, for "Mundo Estranho" magazine.

A king kong riff for "Coca Cola".

Illustration for "Shell"

A cardgame themed illo for "Mundo Estranho".

A Wizard of Oz, and Where's Waldo mixup for "Mundo Estranho" Magazine.

Comic pages for "Nova Escola" magazine

"War of the Worlds"

More "War of the Worlds" illustrations.

Gravity Light illo for Shell

Sort of a comic, for Shell

Several artificial intelligences from pop culture.

Comics for CFBio.

Cover for FTD geography classes.
Ed. Abril - Mundo Estranho - Disarmment Campaign
Ed. Abril - Mundo Estranho magazine - Human Zoo
Ed. Abril - Mundo Estranho magazine - Top 10 graveyards.
Ed. Abril - Mundo Estranho magazine - Terrorism.
Ed. Abril - Mundo Estranho magazine - Lilith
Ed. Abril - Mundo Estranho magazine - Wall Street comics
Ed. Abril - Men's Health - Drops
New Content: TAM Airlines on-going comics.
Ed. Abril - Super Interessante - Mosasaur
Ed. Abril - Men's Health - Portraits
Folha de S. Paulo - Operation: Lava Jato
Ed. Mol - Isaac Newton comic
Ed. Mol - Strenght.
LOBO/Vetor - Taco Bell - 1/31 illustrations
Ed. Abril - Mundo Estranho - Hell.

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