In this project I'll be talking about the comics collective I'm in called QUAD Comics. Since it's my portfolio, I'll be talking about the areas I'm involved the most, but for the full project description, please go to the behance project, or head to our website: QUAD Comics, to find information about where to buy and much more!
QUAD is a creator-owned comics project consisting of a collection of 4 short-stories in oldschool SCI-FI worlds, each written and drawn by a different author, such as Diego SanchesEduardo FerigatoEduardo Schaal and me. We've released the first volume in 2013, the second in 2014 and the third one in 2015.
Cover for the single issue release of my QUAD 1 story, labeled QUAD #2 - Esp-Trent, on Comixology.
Initial design for my character ESP-Trent (ESP stands for Paranormal Software Exorcist, in portuguese)
A sample page from QUAD 1.
Cover for the single issue version of my story for QUAD 2 - still unreleased stateside.
In each volume, ESP-Trent changes uniforms. This is his design for QUAD 2.
Early designs for a supporting character, ESP-ADAM.
Sample page of QUAD 2.
Concepts for ESP-Trent in QUAD 3.
Early concepts for Inanna, a supporting character in QUAD 3.
Sample page of QUAD 3.
Below are two pages of our free webcomics you can read at QUAD Comics:
Page sample from "Battery Acid", my first QUAD webcomic.
A page from "Exile", my second QUAD webcomic.

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