In this project I touch upon my own practices, generally on digital painting techniques and studies, and also in more sizeable lineart ones. I hope you like them.

Dragon Boy

In march I took a bit of my personal time to develop more on the digital painting front, studying render, light and colors, and a revising a bit of my own process during it. I took the opportunity of the hashtag #marchofrobots and created a little narrative to develop a dozen images. 
Have at you: The March of Robots

Below, a few other experiments. Enjoy! 

Cavewoman Dino Tamer

The Summoner. My previous head illo for the site.

iPad Pro sketch
Printed then inked manually.

A destroyed ESP-Trent, my character from Quad universe.

In the following sequence I wanted to experiment the same structure for many different moods.

Sand Dome, from QUAD.

Sneaking goblin.
Sunset Champion.
Mars Rock. I think I was hyped with all the space things going on in movies.
DnD Pathfinder character practice.
Dark Confidant.
Conan! For CROM!
High contrast practice. Moon creature!
Skull rider.
Survival of the Fittest t-shirt design.
Header image for my previous website - The Gorgon Queen - A2 sized.
M Rune - Manticore - the new header - A2 sized.

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